Free Climate Fresk workshops in West Lothian

Interested in climate education workshops? We have materials to deliver sessions for younger children, and we can offer Climate Fresk workshops.

Fresk is a collaborative workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of climate change and empower you to take action. The name Fresk is from fresco as the participants work together to arrange 42 specially designed cards in a fresco which explains the causes and effects of climate change and empowers you to take action.

The session lasts 3 hours and can be for 6-20 participants. Adult and child versions are available.

We can provide these sessions for free to hub members (staff, trustees and volunteers) around West Lothian. If there is a space suitable we can deliver this at your venue, or you can join with one hosted by another organisation. If you are interested in getting this for your community please get in touch

You can learn more about this here: